Do Faith Schools Provide a Better Education?

School is an institution which provides education to your children and teaches them to face society. Deciding in which school you should send your kid can be a tough decision, as school is a place where a child learns and grow to face the world.

There is a relationship between school and religion, which is a trending issue these days. Many people choose to send their child in a public school with minimum fees and also a school bus service for easy transportation, while others choose to send their child in private schools in the belief that private school provides better education. Many private schools are faith schools. In a recent survey, we have seen that faith school provide a better education than public schools, Let us see some of the reasons below.

High expectations: The first reason that faith schools perform better than a public school is that higher expectation is placed on the students. Not only in academics, have they performed with excellence in extra-curriculum activities. The students in a faith school are more disciplined, have a proper uniform and follow all the rules and regulations of the school. In a faith school, behaviour is monitored closely by the teachers, things like abusive language, and ill-mannered behaviour are controlled.

Effectiveness: Faith schools have a commitment to joy, friendship, and determination. The same values they give to their students. A student personality development is very important in a school he/she studies; a faith school helps a student in the same.

Leadership and management skills: The extra-curriculum activities and annual day functions held in school give a chance to students to come out with their leadership qualities and management skills. It is the time when children forget their shyness and come up with confidence.

More parents’ involvement: Parents who give a hefty amount of fees to provide their children with the best education have full rights to know how their child is performing. Regular parent-teacher meetings in faith schools are organized to discuss the monthly performance of their child with parents.

Small class size: Class sizes in a faith school are small than that of a public school. In many private schools, they conduct a test and there are limited seats, the child who passes the test will get the seat if available. Small class size means each and every student can get proper individual attention from the teacher, which means more signs of improvement in a child.

Many faith schools provide online assignment help to the students so that they can clear their doubts when doing their homework or any other assignment. Yes, faith schools definitely provide better education. Child progress can be closely monitored in a faith school. The Education system must involve awareness of religion, these schools do not teach the value of any one religion but the basic values which a child should have. A faith school offers better education and values in every aspect.

A school is a place where children grow and learn new things, so most of the parents choose to send their child to a faith school to get a good education and excellent values.

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